Celebrating the achievements of Alberto Morrocco

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Suttie Lecture Theatre

14th December was the 100th anniversary of the birth in Aberdeen of the celebrated artist Alberto Morrocco. This is also the anniversary of the foundation of the Medico-Chirurgical Society. The Heritage Group aranged the Heritage Symposium on 14th December 2017. 

The Symposium was recorded by video-capture. Presentations and audio recordings are made available for private study only.
© Copying is not permitted without permission.

Session 1 - chaired by Andrew Robinson

  • Sheila Chalmers: My brush with Morrocco (audio only)
  • Lyndsey Gilmour: Still Life and the act of looking
  • Jo Macdonald & Simon Parson: Artist and Anatomist: a working relationship
  • Alison Murray: Reflections on brain imaging and art

Session 2 - chaired by Steve Lynch

  • John Morrison: Alberto Morrocco
  • Leon Morrocco (audio only)
  • Closing remarks by James Grieve


10.00 - 19.00 An Art Exhibition in the conference suite featuring –

  • Portraits by Alberto Morrocco which are  in the collection of Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society.
  • Photographs from the Robert Gordon University collection.
  • Original drawings by Morrocco and others for Anatomy of the Human Body by Lockhart, Hamilton and Fyfe.


18.00 - 19.00 Music in the atrium


19.00 - 21.30 Symposium in the lecture theatre
“Celebrating the achievements of Alberto Morrocco”


The importance of drawing in the present day teaching of Anatomy will be described by Staff in the Department of Anatomy.  Advances in functional anatomy by brain imaging will be described.

Other speakers will attest to Morrocco's influence as a teacher.

Professor John Morrison, History of Art, also from the University of Aberdeen will highlight Alberto Morrocco's artistic achievements.

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